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Energetic Awakening: An interactive workbook to guide you through working with the energies of the universe.


We used to live in a society that could scoff at anyone who claimed to be intuitive, energetic, and sensitive. Slowly we have been opening our minds to new concepts and ways of living. This can be referred to as an energetic awakening. Even if we don’t know it, we talk about energetic concepts all the time, we say things like, “They just rubbed me the wrong way.” or “I don’t like going to that place, it's creepy.” That is just us, tapping into different energies of the world.

The Energetic Awakening workbook will help you use your intuition, tune into the energies of the universe and show you how to incorporate spirituality into your everyday life. Using techniques I learnt while becoming a reiki master, I will provide examples of everyday situations and exercises that will allow you to develop your own practice.


Print lenght: 72 pages

Language: English

Energetic Awakening Workbook

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